Abstinence sexuelle et conséquences

Abstinence dérection

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In motivating the study, we pointed to existing discourses around the topic and cited different protagonists within this debate e.

In addition, the latter statement was taken out of context as it referred specifically to masturbation reduction as a strategy to overcome pornography-induced erectile dysfunction.

We are grateful to several sources for bringing this to our attention, and we want to apologize for the potential confusion of NoFap and Reboot Nation. It has also come to our attention that some readers may have mistakenly assumed that the participants in our study were recruited via nofap.

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This was not the case as we clearly explicated in the paper. There seems to be a conflict about the interpretation of masturbation and porn abstinence that is highly politicized.

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Individuals or organizations behind commercial offers like the community membership offered by NoFap LLC. As they operate abstinence dérection the public sphere, however, we deem it not only as legitimate but necessary to acknowledge and cite them as one prominent voice in the debate around masturbation abstinence—everything else would be an unjustifiable muting of their stand. Based on more than a thousand responses from a relatively unselected Internet forum, our data suggest that the motivational correlates point stronger in the direction abstinence dérection value conflict and mis- perceptions of masturbation as unhealthy than actual problematic sexuality.

Equally clearly, pointing to Web sites as visible protagonists in the discourse around masturbation abstinence does not imply that our participants were official members of their community.

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