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In this show, Leo's mask covers much of the top of his head. During the course of the series, Leo has sought new ways to learn how to combat enemies such as the Rank and Simon Bonesteel.

Raphael performed by Mitchell A. Raph appears to see Bonesteel as his personal enemy, having an entire episode with him.

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A fan of the somewhat insane Dr. Quease, Donnie has tried tortues ninja mutantes adolescentes pénis with him on a way to send the enemies from the Rank back into the Enchanted Mirror. Venus was in the jar the others were in, and doused with ooze. However, she ended up in Chinatown where Chung found her. She was raised as a shinobi, a mystical version of a ninja. Venus often gets sayings mixed up like "piece of cake" and "easy as pie" no matter tortues ninja mutantes adolescentes pénis much her new family attempts to help.

Allies[ edit ] Splinter performed by Fiona Scott, voiced by Stephen Mendel — A mutant rat and the adoptive father of the Turtles who trained them in ninjitsu. Splinter is usually not involved with the Turtles' antics, often imparting advice or yelling at them about the noise of their vehicles.

He will often play chess at night with his blind human friend Andre. He trained Venus as a Shinobi, but was killed by the Dragon Lord after the latter used Chung as a conduit to allow his forces to escape their prison dimension and reach the Realm of Dreams. He was also a foe of the vampire Vam Mi, having stolen her heart after defeating her. This later led her to seek revenge on Venus. Andre portrayed by Len Gibson — A blind man, whom Splinter often plays chess with in the park.

During "The Guest", he is evicted from his apartment and given refuge with the Turtles. However, he constantly much to their frustration grabbed and messed with everything, nearly injuring them.

Bongo — The giant gorilla is hiding in the same house.

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Raphael and Bonesteel are forced to temporarily work together to escape the predicament in one piece, after which Raphael befriends the escaped gorilla. Enemies[ edit ] Foot Clan — The Foot of this series appear a lot more clumsy and less intelligent due to comic relief valuesmuch to Shredder's irritation. The Foot Clan is implied to have battled the Turtles constantly for many years, as the Érection de plantes are now 18 years old.

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When Splinter falls ill, the full fury of the Foot Clan is unleashed upon the Turtles' lair, which has recently been discovered by them. The sheer numbers of the expanding Foot Clan easily overwhelm the Turtles in combat and Shredder then prepares to finish them off, sécheresse du pénis to destroy their leader as well. However, Venus de Milo uses her Shinobi magic, drives Shredder insane by calling the true Oroku Saki to the surface to take control, thereby destroying the Shredder, seemingly forever.

Afterwards, the Foot Clan disbands.

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When Venus de Milo came into view, she uses her shinobi abilities to defeat the Shredder, presumably for good and the Foot was disbanded. In the episode "Enemy Of My Enemy", his alias of Oroku Saki was later found on the streets when Dragon Lord's soldiers attack him in order to obtain a ninja amulet called the Golden Shuriken. After Dragon Lord's forces were busy fighting the Turtles, Oroku Saki was defeated and later seen in a deserted alley with the amulet in his possession where he has appeared to have unlocked the power of the ninja amulet and laughs maniacally.

Rank — The Rank is a group of evil dragons that were trapped in an enchanted glass until they escaped. He and his forces were trapped in an enchanted glass years ago and have now escaped.

Dragon Lord was the first evil dragon and his charisma lead to other dragons joining him, and thus the banishing of his entire race.

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He once drank a power potion he created by accident, temporarily gaining a deep, echoing, English voice along with new powers. He is distinguished from the other by his violet hood. Good Dragon — Member of the Rank who has a heart of gold as seen in his titular episode.

He saved Venus from an attack from the Lieutenant, ultimately decided to exile himself back into the enchanted glass until Dragon Lord is defeated or he amasses an army of good dragons to rebel against him. His final quote before re—entering the enchanted glass was "either way, I'll be back". Though he did throw Wick out of the enchanted glass afterwards. Cornelius Quease portrayed by Simon Webb — A world—renowned scientist with discolored skin and expert on mutation and other fields.

Donatello is a big fan of his and once worked with him on a device that could have re—imprisoned the dragons.

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He attempts to create various weapons to defeat the turtles. However, Dragon Lord's ego and desire to consume the turtles usually causes them to backfire. He is also quite insane, and an egomaniac. The Dragon Lord refers to him as a "master of the new magic". After joining the Dragon Lord, Quease adds a yellow labcoat to his outfit along with his red gloves and blue work outfit. Quease wears the three basic colors. Clones Turtles - The robotic creations of Dr. Quease's henchman.

Clone Raphael performed by Mitchell A. Quease's henchwoman.

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Silver portrayed by Garry Chalk — The last of the Yetis. Instead of living on top of the mountain, he makes his life by going into the crime business and starting a gang of humans who think of him tortues ninja mutantes adolescentes pénis the smartest boss around.

He can't spell, but is otherwise more sophisticated than his moronic henchmen. For some reason, he was able to find out an old man would win the lottery and broke into his home before he found out himself. Simon Bonesteel portrayed by Scott McNeil — A deranged big-game hunter who specializes in hunting endangered animals. He has collected things off of endangered animals like elephant ivories, baby seal pelts, dolphin hides, and mountain gorilla skulls.

Bonesteel considers the Ninja Turtles endangered species as well since there are only five of them as he quotes "I have found a species that will make [all others] seem downright plentiful".

Bonesteel possesses a paranoid, anti—social personality and is known to give his weapons female names; he even talks to his weapons, and can be tricked with enough word play. Bonesteel is revealed to have made his home on the roof of an abandoned building.

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As the series progressed, Bonesteel grew craftier where he logged all the Turtles habits and set traps for them. One such instance is when he attempted to capture Mikey at a pizzeria; another is when the Turtles' instincts have them go out to play frisbee during a full érection saine. However, Leo also began learning about hunting to counter the traps. In the four—part episode "Unchain My Heart", Simon Bonesteel is also pas dérection stable for hunting supernatural creatures when it came to Vam—Mi and her vampire henchmen.

He twice tries forging alliance with them, succeeding with capture and threat of sunlight. Animal Dealer portrayed by Linden Banks - Simon Bonesteel's ally who supplies him with animals to sell on the black tortues ninja mutantes adolescentes pénis.

In a sense of comedy when they steal a boombox, the owner earned their anger by asking who they were. The joke being well Upon hearing that Mikey was holding a rave in their neighborhood, Heavy Duke decided to crash it and steal the Animal Rights donatation.

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Adding onto the comedy, his group constantly got in Bonesteel's way of capturing the Turtles. Tricked by Bonesteel, Heavy Duke attempted to capture the Turtles for the cash the hunter promised would come for them.

He and Bonesteel ended up becoming human pinatashumiliated in front of the crowd. Vampires — Human—shaped creatures which steal the very essence of life. Since this was a children's program, the word "blood" couldn't be used. Instead, the word "plasma" was used.

La mignonne petite tête chauve, la maison qu'ils portent sur leur dos, et leurs mouvements lents et doux sont amusants et attachants à regarder.

She was previously defeated by Chung I who tore out her heart plunging her into a long sleep. Her henchmen Bing and Chi Chu used a magic potion to awaken her. However, it was a blunder on Chi Chu's part out of missing her since unless Vam—Mi's heart was returned within 96 hours, she would turn into sludge and never be awoken again.

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The Turtles used Vam—Mi's link to her heart to lure her into a trap where they reduced her to dust with sunlight after she was teleported to her heart by the Elemental Vampire. Chi Chu and Bing collected the ashes.

His appears to be the age of a child. According to himself, he is near She appears to be the age of a child. Chi Chu and Bing once stayed at the condemned hotel that serves as their base back when it first open.