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Envie de pénis, La sexualité féminine, entre l’envie du pénis et la jouissance Autre


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    Freud's theory[ edit ] Freud introduced his theory of the concept of interest in—and envy of—the penis in his article "On the Sexual Theories of Children": [4] it was not mentioned in the first edition of Freud's earlier Three Envie de pénis to the Theory of Sexbut a synopsis of the article was added to the third edition in This leads to the essential difference between the male and female Oedipus complex that the female accepts castration as a fact, while the boy fears its happening.

    One such consequences is a sense of inferiority after becoming aware of the wound inflicted upon her narcissism.

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    After initially attempting to explain this lack of a penis as a punishment towards her, she later realizes the universality of her female situation, and as a result begins to share the contempt that men have towards women as a lesser in the important respect of a lack of a penisand so insists upon being like a man. A second consequence of penis envy involves the formation of the character-trait of jealousy through displacement of the abandoned penis envy upon maturation.

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    A third consequence of penis envy involves the discovery of the inferiority of this clitoris, suggested through the observation that masturbation is further removed from females than from males. This is, according to Freud, because clitoral masturbation is a masculine activity that is slowly repressed throughout puberty and shortly after discovering the penis-envy in an attempt to make room for the female's femininity [13] by transitioning the erotogenic zone from the clitoris to the vagina.

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    Jacques Lacanhowever, took up and developed Freud's theory of the importance of what he called "penisneid in the unconscious of women" [21] in linguistic terms, seeing what he called the phallus as the privileged signifier of humanity's subordination to language: "the phallus by virtue of which the unconscious is language ".

    Feminists development theorists instead believe that the clitoris, not the vagina, is the mature center of female sexuality because it allows a construction of mature female sexuality independent of the penis.

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    She asserted the concept of " womb envy ", and saw "masculine narcissism " [19] as underlying the mainstream Freudian view.

    Some feminists argue that Freud's developmental theory is heteronormative and denies women a mature sexuality independent of men; they also criticize it for privileging the vagina over envie de pénis clitoris as the center of women's sexuality.

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    They criticize the sociosexual theory for privileging heterosexual sexual activity and penile penetration in defining women's "mature state of sexuality". They wanted to help women find sexual fulfillment as women, by affirming their natural inferiority".